Starbucks Asks New Jersey's Weedbukx to Change Its 'Problematic' Logo


Oh dear! A serious trademark breach – albeit a funny one.

Starbucks ‘kindly’ asks Weedbukx, a marijuana-themed eatery in New Jersey, to change its logo.

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By Pauline Lacsamana

Starbucks is looking to protect its iconic green mermaid

In April, a marijuana-themed eatery in New Jersey opened its doors, nodding to Starbucks with its logo and name, Weedbukx. Given the coffee giant’s history with cracking down on any other businesses’ likeness to its name, it was only a matter of time until Starbucks came knocking at Weedbukx owner Ed Forchion’s door.

On Monday, a letter from Starbucks was posted on Forchion’s personal Facebook page. In the letter, Starbucks addressed the similarities between the Weedbukx logo and their own. Starbucks said that the signage at the New Jersey eatery was “problematic” and that they look forward to seeing the sign changed with written confirmation.
“Our preference is to resolve trademark disputes amicably whenever possible, but will take appropriate steps to protect the strengths of our marks if needed,” Reggie Borges, Starbucks spokesman, told
Unfortunately, Forchion is currently in jail for two pending criminal cases against him. His girlfriend and business partner Debi Madaio, who has been posting to his Facebook account during his absence, wrote, “I just wish Ed was home so could have enjoyed this.”

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