Thrive Women's Fitness

Project Overview

Thrive Women’s Fitness offers realistic, accessible and practical health and fitness coaching for women aged 40 and over. Thrive are a different breed of gym with a unique focus on fitness, strength and confidence rather than just weight loss and aesthetics. You won’t find before and after shots in this health-driven community!

Thrive understand and empathise with the everyday struggles women face in balancing work, family and kids. They are undeniably passionate about helping their clients find the balance in life and set goals that are as individual as they are. It’s about being the best version they can be.

Veva’s logo and branding design revolved around the modern day practice of self-care. Women are busier than ever – with more pressures than ever – and more often than not, they put themselves last. Their health and wellbeing suffers with the inbuilt instinct of having to take care of everything and everyone else before themselves. It’s a vicious cycle of stress, fatigue, poor diet and burnout.

Thrive Women’s Fitness provides a safe and inclusive place for women to practice that self care. It’s not all warm and fuzzies but rather a community of like-minded women ready to find themselves, to challenge themselves and to believe in themselves. In the process, they are enhancing energy, restoring health and reducing stress.

The ‘self’ theme is visually represented by emphasizing the letter ‘i’ in Thrive. This drives the ‘me’ message home and opens up a magnitude of possibilities for the brand including inspiring personal mantras and cultivating positive company and community culture. Overall the brand communicates strength, confidence and energy. It has feminine flair but with some gritty and authentic character.