Lakefield Parks

Project Overview

Lakefield Parks is a residential townhouse complex located in a popular outer suburb on Brisbane’s South side. The estate is community-focused living comprising of 59 residences with communal pool and outdoor entertaining facilities. Sales are off-the-plan with construction set to be completed over four stages.

Before construction commenced on Stage 1, LJ Hooker and Veva set about developing the brand. The logo was designed to symbolise a diverse yet close-knit community. The organic stone shapes give a feeling of harmony and balance – indicative of the life you would live at Lakefield Parks. The circular shape representing the residents that share communal facilities within the complex.

The overarching brand was developed around the stone shapes. Individual stones – unique in shape and colour became the perfect device to contain lifestyle images of people and experiences envisioned at Lakefield Parks. The bright multi-colour palette supports the theme of diversity but also enables flexibility in design for various applications and stories.