Green Apple Wellness Centre

Project Overview

The Green Apple Wellness Centre integrates allied health services, fitness practices and natural therapies in a non-threatening, happy environment. Established in 1978, the Centre has evolved from a gymnasium environment in the 1980s to a client-focussed wellness centre in the 21st century.

With a vision to help willing people achieve extraordinary health outcomes, the Green Apple Wellness Centre prides itself of doing things differently. They bring together specialists to create a highly-qualified team who provide holistic health solution made up of advice, coaching and specially tailored activity and classes. They have formed a caring and compassionate community – making their clients feel welcome, regardless of where they are in their wellbeing journey.

After completing a brand audit for the Centre, Veva worked with the client on a brand refresh. The name and business already held a solid reputation within the community and the health and fitness industry alike, so the focus of the refresh was to modernise their identity and appeal to new segments in the market.