Capital Performance

Project Overview

Capital Performance is a financial management and consulting practice in North Brisbane working with business owners to achieve the best financial outcomes for the enterprise and their family group. They cover all aspects of advisory to entreprenuers including:

  • Financial management and reporting to owners
  • Cloud-based business management and reporting solutions
  • Business structuring and advice
  • Streamlining compliance work
  • Business accounting function
  • Xero accounting software

Capital Performance came to Veva with a brand already in place but they felt it wasn’t really appealing to a portion of their client base. While the brand resonated with many of their metro based clients, it was alienating many of their ‘salt-of-the-earth’ regional and rural based clients.

After gaining an in-depth understanding of Capital Performance’s purpose in business, what separates them from their competition and learning more about the kinds of people they work with, Veva set to work on their rebrand.

Capital Performance’s unique selling point became the foundation for the new brand direction; that is, their ability, passion and commitment to delivering “more than” traditional accounting practices.