Bounce Financial

Project Overview

Bounce Financial is a financial planning and advisery company based in Brisbane. They help young professionals stay in control of their finances – helping them achieve long-term financial goals while still maintaining the lifestyle they love.

Bounce approached Veva for a rebrand after finding that their current branding was failing them. Whilst aesthetically sound, the current brand wasn’t telling the right story and therefore wasn’t resonating with their ideal client. The staff at Bounce weren’t feeling confident behind the brand – it just wasn’t the right representation of who they are and what they do.

After discovering more about Bounce Financial – their purpose, what makes them unique, who their competition is, and who their ideal target market is; Veva set about developing a brand that would tell their story in the right light.

Our task was to create a logo, stationery suite, folder and promotional brochure that would help Bounce to attract the right customers and build brand loyalty. The resulting identity design displays an air of confidence and professionalism. It portrays an upbeat and positive company who have their finger on the pulse. The design is contemporary but also timeless – a brand that will stay relevant for years to come.