Ambrose Treacy College

Project Overview

Nudgee Junior College approached Veva when it was announced that they would be extending their current Prep to Year 7 offering up to Year 12. A high school by the name Nudgee College already existed and so Nudgee Junior College needed to rename. ‘Ambrose Treacy College’ was born and a total new brand development required.

With a school crest already in place, Veva worked with that to develop the supporting brand elements. After face-to-face discussions with the school principal and leadership team, there were three key messages that formed the foundations on which three concepts were developed:

Embracing the geographic location and incorporating the nearby Brisbane river as symbol of a pupil’s pathway – helping boys become the best they can be into adulthood.

Echoing Patrick Ambrose Treacy’s philosophy of being ‘all-inclusive’, regardless of a pupil’s social or financial standing.

Acknowledging the past and embracing the future. An old connection with new direction, scope and opportunity. Celebrating the pursuit of potential for the pupil.

On completion of the creative process, the ‘Transformation’ concept was deemed the strongest message and most appealing for their market. From there we refined the designs and rolled out a full suite of deliverables.