Active Apparel Group

Project Overview

Active Apparel Group specialises in the manufacture of activewear, swimwear and ready-to-wear garments for market leading international brands. The Group provides it’s customers with a strategic end-to-end solution from development, sourcing and manufacturing to the global delivery of high quality garments. They have more than 35 years of expertise in performance textile development, an in-depth knowledge of garment engineering and manufacturing and maintain state-of-the-art textile printing and embellishment facilities.

Veva was approached by Active Apparel Group to review their current logo as they were concerned that it was limiting their capabilities in the customer’s eyes. They felt it wasn’t a true representation of their service offering and that changes needed to be made to build trust and loyalty.

With an understanding of their business and what makes their service offering so unique, Veva was able to ascertain the problems with their current image and establish a new strategy and direction with a complete rebrand.